Summer Food Service Program for Clay County Schools

The Clay County District Schools will be participating in the Summer Food Service Program during the months of June and July.  We are required by USDA to arrange a media release to the public informing them of this information.  Therefore, we would like to request a release time of June 1st  by announcing this information.  During these economic times, it will be welcome news to many families in our county.

Orange Park Church Adopts Local School

As school districts across the state of Florida struggle to make tough fiscal cuts in their budgets, this is having a huge impact on schools, administrators, teachers and students in schools in Clay County. In this climate of funding loss in education, there is one Clay County church that is lending a helping hand to support teachers and students in a very special way.

Teachers React to Merit Pay Law with Frustration

Teachers React to Merit Pay Law with Frustration

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Two days a week, kindergarten teacher Liz Crane is in the classroom, and the rest of the week she's in the Clay County Education Association office as president of the teachers union.

"I'm concerned with this bill, you will have high turnover," said Crane.

Crane, reacting to the passage of Florida Senate Bill 736 which was passed Wednesday, said that while Clay does not have a merit pay plan, all teachers now must pass a performance evaluation process.

"Are we assessing them? Are we doing all those things? Yes, we are. Do we have something in place to say the child gains so many points on the FCAT or the FAIR test, you're going to get an increase? No," she said.

Teacher Rallies Start; School Board Preps for Possible $97 Million Cut

Teacher Rallies Start; School Board Preps for Possible $97 Million Cut

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "Terrible, worse, draconian, catastrophic." 

That's how Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals described budget cuts today at a workshop in which the school board discussed how to handle a potential loss of $97 million.

The potential loss would come from Gov. Rick Scott's budget proposal in which he promised massive spending cuts.

While today's meeting covered several topics -- the intervene schools, vacant positions and governance included -- the big item was the budget.

Pratt-Dannals, in his remarks to the board, reiterated that the budget must be balanced no matter the dollar figure.

The options on the table are severe. One would cut health insurance for employees.

Another would eliminate non-core programs, including art, music, physical education, etc., or the elimination of staffing for all after-school programs, including sports and band.

Dueling Rallies with Tea Party, Unions Sweep State as Legislature Gathers

Dueling Rallies with Tea Party, Unions Sweep State as Legislature Gathers

TAMPA, Fla. -- Groups from all over Florida are planning rallies Tuesday as the Legislature's session starts.

The Florida Legislature opens its 2011 session today, and it's shaping up to be a loud and confrontational time. Republicans carry a better than two-to-one majority in the Legislature. They may have big debates within the party over what to cut and how deeply.

Then there are the Democrats, who say the state is already struggling to meet its obligations to its people without any cuts.

Dozens of rallies were planned across Florida to protest broad budget cuts and push to protect unions.

"I really think they are after the corporate bottom line," said Lance King, who took the day off from work to protest in Tallahassee.

Gov. Rick Scott wants to trim state spending by $5 billion and phase in property and corporate tax cuts.

CCEA Awake the State Rally

The Clay County Education Association (CCEA) is hosting an Awake the  State Rally. The rally is being held in conjunction with other rallies across the state and these  rallies are being held to protest the massive budget cuts to the Florida budget. We will be joining  our teachers at the corner of Blanding and Kingsley to rally our protest over the Florida Budget cuts.

We will be at the corner of Blanding Blvd and Kingsley Avenue on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from  4 pm-6 pm protesting these budget cuts and encouraging our community members to contact  their legislators and say NO MORE CUTS!

Update: VIDEO | Clay County Board Denies Teacher Pay Raises

Update: VIDEO | Clay County Board Denies Teacher Pay Raises

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. -- Clay County board members has voted down a contract that would have given its teachers a $500 pay raise to teachers with more than 27 years experience.

Members voted 4 to1 against ratifying the contract that 92 percent of its teachers voted for.

Many believed the raises were a done deal, since the teachers had already reached a tentative agreement with the board.

Seventh-grade teacher Helenda Feuerborn was in tears after the vote. "I just don't know how they say no to people who come in and do this every day from their heart", she said.

But the People's Tea Party stepped in and said the $1.7 million was too expensive for the county to do that.