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Problem Solved: On Your Side team helps woman get roof fixed

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A leaky roof that just can't seem to get fixed. An Orange Park woman called the On Your Side team for help because she said her roof leaks whenever there's a soaking rain. First For You, David Williams is getting results. For first time home buyers like Rachel Bremer of Orange Park, owning your own home is nice.

"It's been good. It's a nice quiet area," Bremer said.

She and her husband have called it home since June 2010. But there's a problem.

"My roof is leaking," she said, looking up at the roof of her home.

Since April 2012, Bremer said water leaks from a crack in the ceiling above the fire place every time it rains hard.

"It just looks like water dripping on the side of my chimney," she said as she looked at the chimney. "Getting on my carpet."

And every time that happens, she wonders ...

"What am I going to do to fix it?" she asked.

The Bremers bought the house from a bank who previously paid about $6,000 to replace the roof around March 2010 prior to their move-in. Bremer said the bank chose Artistic Roof Systems of Jacksonville and paid for it. The Bremers are reimbursing the bank for around $3,000. She said the contractor came out twice to fix it.

"It leaked again," she said. "Whenever it rained. So, I contacted him again and he said he would come out."

Some time went by, and she said a new repair just wasn't getting done. The company owner told Bremer the roof was two years old and had a one-year workmanship warranty. Bremer doesn't have a copy of the warranty. Nor does she see any reference to it in her closing paperwork.

"I just want it fixed," she said.

On Friday afternoon, the owner of Artistic Roof Systems told FCN they strive to make every customer happy. The owner said as a courtesy and out of good business ethics, he will go back out to the Bremer home and replace the shingles from all sides of her chimney and try to permanently fix the leak.


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