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Overturned murder conviction leaves family shaken

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- An Orange Park man will get a new trial after the Florida Supreme Court overturned the verdict.

Michael Renard Jackson was convicted in 2010 of raping and murdering Andrea Boyer in 2007, and her family thought their nightmare was over.

"It's almost like having to relive her death for a 3rd time. The day that she died, going through her trial the first time, and now having to do this again. I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know how I feel yet," said Andrea's sister-in-law, Heather Fletcher.

She said it's never gotten any easier for her family, especially her brother, who was married to Andrea.

So she can't wrap her mind around going through the entire process all over again.

The murder conviction of Jackson, Andrea's alleged killer, was overturned, which means they'll have to start from scratch.

"I am very confident in Clay County juries, I am very confident in Clay County judges, I am confident in our State's Attorney's Office, so I don't have a doubt that we'll get the same verdict. It's having to go through it that hurts," she said.

Jackson was convicted of raping and murdering her sister in law in the veterinary clinic where she worked.

Police found his DNA.

But the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Jackson should get a new trial because the jury saw video of his interrogation, where detectives made prejudicial statements against him.

Fletcher said he's never tried to contact her family, or apologize for the crime.

"The last day of her trial, he apologized for her dying, but he's never admitted guilt to it. He's never going to," she said.

She said she doesn't expect anything different from him this time around, or from the jury, who she thinks will convict him again for the murder.

But that assurance doesn't ease her pain.

"I didn't know that a heart could be this broken," she said.


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