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Married 47 years, husband loses wedding ring at hospital

ORANGE PARK, Fla -- When Chris Severson, a Scottish girl and Robert Severson, a Midwest butcher, tied the knot in what seems like a blissful ceremony, they were young.

"This was in Chicago," she said.

An enduring sign of their 47 years of marriage has been their wedding bands. But this September, when they paused to celebrate the occasion, it was dampened by what happened in the hospital.

"He should have a wedding band on," said Chris Severson.

This summer, her husband Robert was rushed to Orange Park Medical Center and during his stay, his wedding ring went missing.

"It disappeared. That's all I can say," said Chris Severson. "I don't know what happened to it, but I know it was on his finger."

Severson has been back and forth with the hospital and they have yet to find it. Her husband is now in a nursing home. 

"He just asked me the other day what happened to his ring," she said.

Severson said the hospital staff told her the hospital it is not responsible for their loss.

What is the hospital's policy and procedure? Why is the hospital not liable?

David Goldberg, marketing director, did not address the Severson case, but in an email response called it unfortunate and explained the policy.

"When patients come into our hospital," said Goldberg, "we encourage them to send personal belongings home or we provide the option to place their items with security."

Goldberg added, "In the event they (patients) choose to maintain possession of a belonging and it becomes lost, they look for it.

"We do everything we can to help locate the item," he said, "and investigate situations as appropriate."

He said sometimes the item goes unfound.

"I'd just like to see a ring back on his finger," said Chris Severson.

Goldberg knows this could happen to anyone and offers this advice:

"We would encourage your viewers to leave personal belongings at home so they can be certain their items are secure," he said.

Chris Severson said in retrospect, she should have removed the wedding band from her husband's hand, but no one advised her to do so.

Severson truly believes this loss is a shared responsibility between her and the hospital.


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