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Struck by fear

ORANGE PARK, Fla. --  First Coast Mom Jen Vargas took home video in Orange Park right before she went to pick her kids up from school Thursday afternoon.

"I was freaking out here, I was scared. And I was inside," she said.

On her way to get her kids, she says she saw other children leaving the school to walk home in the storm.

"We're talking about 6, 7, 8 year old kids who just walk home on their own," she said.

She says she called the school to ask what their contingency plan was, but the kids had already been dismissed.

"When I got there it started pouring, it started raining really bad. And the lightening started getting worse. I got my kids and I got out of there," she said.

Clay County Schools Spokeswoman Darlene Mahla says there's not a set protocol for dismissing kids in bad weather, but the children still in the building when the storm got bad this afternoon were held in the cafeteria until it cleared up.

"I just think the school should be more responsible. And I understand, like the lady said, we let the kids go, but what can we do to be better prepared for next time? They can't just let the kids go," she said.


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