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Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Moore

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Jennifer Moore has taught at Coppergate Elementary since the school opened five years ago, but she's been teaching sixth grade reading for nearly a decade. She says she wouldn't have it any other way. "The kids are still excited about reading. They're a little more mature, so they get more difficult concepts. I love sixth grade. I really can't imagine teaching any other grade," she says.

Moore says she chooses to teach reading because of its importance and prevalence. She tells her students that they need to read for every other class they take, from science to math. "I joke with the students because sometimes they're like, 'Ugh, reading?' And I tell them you have to be able to read to take a driver's license test!"

Her students say they expect to learn a lot Moore. They say she just has a special way about her, "The way she talks is really kind-sounding" says student Chloe Sisson.

"She has a wonderful smile. I like her voice. It's soft when she talks. I like it when she reads aloud," Cammie Peyton proclaims.

Student, Timmy Conroy, says this isn't his first encounter with Moore. "I've known her for a long time, since I got to this school in first grade, and she's really a nice teacher. I'm really excited to have her as a teacher," he says.

Moore says what fuels her passion for teaching is seeing her students succeed. "Seeing a student master a concept that they've struggled with...you can't put a price tag on it," she says.

Both of Moore's parents were educators, so she says she was just destined to teach.


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