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Red light cameras coming to Orange Park

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- The daily stop and go turns dangerous when drivers fail to stop for a red light.  Now Orange Park in Clay County is looking at using red light cameras to catch those who aren't obeying traffic signals.

Orange Park police chief James Boivin says the town does have a problem with red light runners and it is concerning to residents.

"They [residents] are tired of waiting for a light to turn green and then they have to count to four Mississippi to pull out in the intersection because they know a car is going to run the red light," says Chief Boivin

It hasn't been decided yet which intersections will get the cameras, but Orange Park is looking to get between two to five cameras.

The company putting in the cameras, Advanced Traffic Solutions, gave the town some preliminary data which showed the town could get around $600,000 a year from the camera, but the town manager Cindy Hall says generating money isn't the goal of the cameras.

"The goal would be that there really isn't any revenue generated, that people would be observing the traffic signals," says Hall.

The state fine for running a red light is $158. Hall says that money will go into the towns general fund.

Nearby Green Cove Springs already has the cameras.

"After talking to the chief in Green Cove Springs, traffic will slow down, people are more observant of the red lights and word will get out and it will spread and hopefully we will have less people running lights," tells Chief Boivin.

Orange Park is still in negotiations with Advanced Traffic Solutions, but expect to see the cameras in Orange Park in the coming months.


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