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F Bomb Drops at School Board Meeting

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. -- The man who dropped the f-bomb is James Studdard, husband of Clay County School Board Chairwoman Carol Studdard. The man armed with a camera is Stanley Pfenning, trying to ask a question during a break.

"Mrs. Studdard, I have a question. Don't touch me," Pfenning says on the YouTube clip.

"Don't you f***ing touch me," James Studdard replied. Pfenning said he approached her to ask why he couldn't talk during the meeting. Studdard said he wasn't allowed to talk because he refused to give his home address.

"It put me off a little bit. I wasn't expecting that type of language," Pfenning said.

"My husband used a word that I wished he had not used. He was courteous enough to come back and apologize for using that word," Carol Studdard said. The heated comments came last December.

But fast forward to a meeting last month. That's when James Studdard used the public comments part of the meeting to blast Pfenning, listing Pfenning's arrest record.

"Nobody can prove I've been arrested more than 20 times. If they had said the right number, I couldn't argue with that. I have been arrested. I have been arrested for felonies. No felony convictions," Pfenning said.

We searched through public records and found that Pfenning has been arrested 12 times since 1987, two of those for felonies. Among those arrests, he has two misdemeanor convictions and no felony convictions. The final outcome of a case involving three misdemeanors from 1990 was not available from Clay County's clerk or the state attorney's office.

Pfenning was eventually kicked out of the March meeting by Carol Studdard for interrupting.

"We have bent over backwards to try to work with our citizens. But when someone has called the office 24 times by 11:30, 10 times by 8:00, it gets to be harassment. So we have blocked his emails. His emails go to a worker in IT. If they're relevant, they're forwarded on to Mr. Wortham and whoever is appropriate," Studdard said.

"I'm not going to let up. I'm not going to go away because of this personal attack that went on last month," Pfenning said.


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