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Somer Thompson Killer Gets Secret Protection in Prison

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Jarred Harrell is getting the ultimate protection from Florida's prison system.

Harrell was recently sentenced to six life sentences for murdering, sexually assaulting and kidnapping Somer Thompson.

Now, due to the nature of his crime, Florida's Department of Corrections has put Harrell in protective custody and won't release the prison location where he's serving his time.

"He's being kept at an undisclosed location for protective needs," said Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jo Ellyn Rackleff.

First Coast News has been tracking his location since he was first processed at Northwest Florida Reception prison in Chipley. Almost all inmates and their prison are listed on the Department of Corrections' Web site.

But Harrell's information disappeared two weeks ago.

Rackleff confirmed Harrell is still in Florida, but she refused to say where.

"The warden can make the call that the inmate needs to be in protective management. Sometimes when the details of an inmate's crime become widely known among the inmate population, he may be subject to attack," Rackleff said in the phone interview from Tallahassee.

We checked on other high-profile inmates and almost all have their information publicly listed. In fact, it's public record where almost all of Florida's 399 death row inmates are located.

Generally, the male death-row inmates are at Florida State Prison in Starke and the women are at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford.

Reckleff said only a handful of people know where Harrell is located, including the warden of that prison. But she said not even the inmates at Harrell's prison know he is there.

She said keeping his location a secret prevents people from the outside telling inmates at the prison Harrell is there.


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