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Benefit Honors Wounded Detective

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A Clay County detective injured in the line of duty is talking publicly for the first time since the night he was shot, and his coworker was killed.

"It entered here, and exited here, and it hit me in the side," said Detective Matt Hanlin, describing his injury.

Hanlin vividly remembers the shooting on February 16th that killed his friend and co-worker Officer David White, and left him in the hospital for four days.

"I still don't have a lot of sensation in my hands, and limited movement and strength, but they're hopeful that I'll get all that back," he said.

Hanlin is working in therapy five days a week to regain his physical strength; getting back to work has been harder.

"It's bad. I'm dealing with it, we're all dealing with it, so I take it one day at a time," Hanlin said.

FDLE is still investigating the shooting, so Hanlin can't talk about the specifics.

"It's an ongoing investigation and I'm not going to comment on it," he said.

It's clear all the members of the Sheriff's Office are still grieving.

Though they're coming together to help Hanlin and his family at a fundraiser in Orange Park.

On light duty, Hanlin estimates he's lost a third of his income because he can't work overtime or special assignments.

His wife also missed work to help him get back on his feet, so the police union threw the fundraiser to help the family get back on theirs.

"The men and women of the Sheriff's office have been outstanding in supporting my family, they're part of my family," he said.

Dozens of them came out to support Hanlin Monday night.

And while he's not medically cleared to skate, he was happy to thank the community that has called him a hero.

"I'm not a hero. My team is heroes, the people that saved my life that night are the heroes," he said.

Hanlin says he's looking forward to getting back to work on the street as soon as he possibly can.










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