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Court Papers Reveal How Jarred Harrell Lured Somer Thompson

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Now that Jarred Harrell plead guilty to Somer Thompson's assault and murder, court documents in the case have finally been released.

The pages detail the last moments of Somer's life.

"You're not even a human being. Your name is not Jared Harrell. Your name is monster," Somer's sister, Abigail told Harrell.  

After Harrell entered his plea, her family finally had the chance to face him in open court.

"I hope you have to suffer just like me and my family did," she said.  

Newly released court documents detail the last moment's of Somer's life on October 19, 2009.

One of the last people to see Somer was a contractor who told police Somer stopped to talk to him, and told him he was doing a nice job on a house.

Then classmates saw her in front of Harrell's home with her head in her hands after getting in an argument with another child.

According to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, Somer often stopped at the Harrell family home on Gano Avenue to pet their large white dog.

On the day she was murdered, Harrell lured her in to the house, asking if she wanted to pet the dog, even though the animal wasn't there.

"In reality it will never be over, never behind us. It will leave an emptiness and aching loss of what should have been," said Somer's aunt.

The court documents detail Harrell's initial confession, and the terms of his plea bargain.

He will serve six life sentences.

"You put away one precious life and put away one worthless other. That doesn't make the score even," she said.













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