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Orange Park woman searching for mysterious hero

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A Clay County woman is looking for the person she calls her hero. 

Karen Hartmann was in a bicycle accident this past summer. She was left in a ditch, unable to move, until a young man came to her rescue. 

Karen’s way of getting around has changed. But she still finds the beauty in her new life.

"I don't really remember the accident 100 percent," said Karen Hartmann.

A bicycle accident this past July confined her to a wheelchair. Hartmann is now paralyzed from the chest down.

It was a dark, summer night when Hartmann went for a ride on her gas powered bicycle, not too far from her Orange Park home. 

She says she made a left turn coming out of a neighborhood when she hit something. 

“It was weird. I could feel all sensation leaving my body as I was flying off the bike,” she explained.

Hartmann landed in a drainage ditch. Struggling to breath, she tried to pull her face out of the water.

"Initially, I couldn't move anything at all. My face is in about an inch or two of water. I'm just kind of waving my arm around, 'Help, somebody help me,'" said Hartmann.

Karen says that's when a young man came by. "I heard him say, 'Are you okay?' and then I saw him and I said, 'No...I can't 911,'" she recalls.

Karen says her rescuer didn't have a cell phone on him. But he stopped someone driving by who did.

Even in her times of pain, she remains thankful and just wants to meet the young man who may have saved her life.

"A hero, my savior,” said Hartmann.

Karen says it was a young, black man who stopped and helped her. He may have dreadlocks, but she can't really remember. If you are the young man or if you know the young man, contact us at First Coast News.


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