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Little Gym Suggests Three "Parenting Resolutions" for the New Year


Each New Year is a new opportunity for Orange Park-area residents to focus on making positive changes in their lifestyle, exercise and diet habits. For Orange Park families, there is another reason to make and stick with these types of healthy resolutions: the choices that parents and caregivers make have a direct effect on their children's current and future health, too.

The Little Gym thinks it’s important to help children develop healthy habits and enjoy an active lifestyle at an early age. To help Orange Park-area families keep the focus on health in the New Year, Michelle Dickison, owner of The Little Gym of Orange Park, FL, proposes three "Parenting Resolutions" for 2012:

1.Encourage physical activity. Physical activity provides countless benefits, but it's a healthy habit that children need to develop early so that it becomes a natural part of their lifestyle as they grow.

2.Establish healthy eating habits. Keep healthy, appealing snacks on hand and set an example for your children with your own food choices. Plan low fat meals that follow the government's MyPlate guidelines and involve your children in meal planning and shopping. This allows families to reinforce their children's healthy food choices and helps children discover new foods and flavors.

3.Focus on your child's positive behaviors. Like adults, children respond to favorable comments and adopt behaviors that gain them attention. Try to get in the habit of catching your children “at their best.” Providing encouragement for good behavior or for participating in sports or other physical activities is a great way to motivate children to maintain good habits.

"We know that children are more engaged when they’re excited about what they're doing," said Dickison. "Our innovative programs introduce children to physical activities that are both fun and fitness-inspired. Discovering and mastering new skills in a fun and positive way at The Little Gym helps build a foundation for a fit and healthy lifestyle."

The Little Gym of Orange Park, FL introduces children ages 4 months to 12 years to physical activity through a curriculum-based program. Each week, lessons focus on developing specific physical, emotional and life skills, creating a well-rounded learning experience.  Children achieve success at their own pace in a fun, caring and non-competitive environment. As children develop coordination, balance, rhythm and flexibility, they are also developing their listening, social and cognitive capacities.

The Little Gym of Orange Park, FL is now enrolling children for the second half of the 2011-2012 Season. For more information, or to schedule a free introductory class, please contact a team member at 904-264-4845 or or visit


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